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I have had in mind, since a friend suggested it, to provide a glossary for readers who have an interest in the brain but somewhat spotty knowledge of it and the words used to describe it. Now I think that the world does not need my version of a glossary, but instead needs links to existing material that was written by experts for non-experts. So here are some links you can bookmark and use:

The Society for Neuroscience has produced an 80 page booklet which covers the nervous system at a basic but useful level and includes both a glossary and a full index. It can be download here -

DANA press has a pdf publication on brain imaging methods which comes with an at-a-glance section at the end. The pdf can be downloaded from this website -

Christof Koch has written a webpage, Definitions of Terms relating to the study of consciousness and the brain. It is found here -

Wikipedia has a good entry on the 52 Brodman areas, that their other names are, and where they are on a map of the brain. At the bottom of this entry is a click-able map of the areas that links to specific entries for the individual areas.

Wikipedia also has two other entries that can help with names and locations -

The Brain from Top to Bottom is a site that contains a great deal of information. You can navigate through various topic areas at various levels of expertness and with the viewpoint of various areas of scholarship.

And if you have a favorite site that you think is as good or better than these or covers an area that is missed here – send the link in a comment. Thank you.

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