List of constraints

Human Nature Review has a review by M. Ghin of a book by T. Metzinger, Being No One: The Self-Model Theory of Subjectivity. (here) In it there is a list of constraints ‘which help us to judge whether a given representational state is also a conscious state’ which I find an interesting list.

  1. Global availability – an item that is in consciousness is integrated into an overall world-model.

  1. Presentationality- consciousness is experienced as in the now.

  2. Convolved holism- objects in consciousness are made up of other objects in a heirarchy.

  3. Dyamicity – experience is constantly changing or flow of events.

  4. Perspectivalness – we are the point of view for conscious experience

  5. Transparency – we do not see the construction of the conscious experience but have the illusion of direct contact with the world.

  6. Offline activation – there can be consciousness without sensory input (daydreams, hallucinations etc.)

  7. Representation of intensities – we can experience levels of intensity of qualia.

  8. Homogeneity – qualia are not mixtures of two other qualia.

  9. Adaptivity – consciousness has features that can be evolved

It sounds interesting. I will have to follow up on this, especially those constraints that we have not touched on much: convolved holism, representation of intensities and homogeneity.

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