Property of Consciousness 4

Consciousness seems more complex than a uniform model: a wide-ranging but low resolution model, and a restricted but detailed portion inside the model. We experience the whole room with the things and people in it, but at this instance we may only have the cat as the focus of the experience. The part of consciousness that is attended to has a vividness that is missing from the rest of consciousness and from memories and imaginings. This implies that it is more complete and raw sensory information that is being used for the focus and more processed, generic and categorized information being used for the bulk of the model.

The location of attention within the model seems to be controlled by the frontal cortex in response to what is novel in the model or what is needed by cognitive processes. It seems that we by attentive to two widely separated things at the same time – perhaps this is a ‘time-slicing’ process, or different sensory modes having independent focuses, or two types of process both of which we call attention, or, least likely, actual conscious attention to two things at once.

Property/function of consciousness #4 – Within the conscious model of reality is a small portion with higher sensory discrimination than the bulk of the model, the focus of attention. This compromise between quantity and quality means we experience detail as needed without using the neural resources that would be required to have that detail available when not being used.

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This is an area I intend to follow in future posts.

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