Property of Consciousness 2

Consciousness is discontinuous. Each conscious-cycle builds synchronized activity, locally through to globally, in the thalamus-cortex gamma frequency. This synchronized activity appears to bind information together in one global model. Synchrony between the individual feedback loops, cortex-thalamus and cortex-cortex, probably insures a ‘best fit’ or ‘least free energy’ or ‘most consistent’ model of reality that is the best compromise of sensory data, basic knowledge, immediate past, and immediate expectations. These momentary models of reality follow one another in rapid succession and appear to be a continuous experience.

Property/function of consciousness #2 – Consciousness is the result of brain activity, particularly the synchronous firing of neurons across the cortex and thalamus in the gamma frequency. This produces a integrated, global model of reality which is the basis of our experience. Separate versions of the reality model follow one another and appear continuous.

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More will follow is research is reported.

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